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Thorough Biohazard Cleanup Is Necessary After a Rodent Infestation

A rodent infestation in your home is nothing to take lightly. Rats or mice usually stay hidden, so you may not realize how bad an infestation is until it’s out of hand. Rodents are smart animals, so it can be difficult to get rid of them, but eradication is essential for protecting your home and health. Once the rodents are gone, cleaning up the mess they leave is the next important step. Consider calling a professional for help since rodents can leave germs and odors behind that are difficult to get rid of. Discover some hazards associated with a rodent infestation and look at how a professional biohazard cleanup company makes your home clean and sanitary again.

Rodent Infestation Has Lots of Hazards

Rodents are destructive animals. They do a lot of damage to the structure of your home with their constant gnawing. They can even chew on wiring and create a fire hazard. Besides that, rodents are a threat to your health since they spread diseases through contact and through the droppings, dead bodies, and nesting materials they leave behind. Some germs can even become airborne and cause disease simply by breathing the air in your home when rodent droppings are disturbed. Some diseases, such as hantavirus and bubonic plague, can be life-threatening, so take safety precautions when cleaning up after a rodent infestation. Rodent droppings, bodies, and nests are dangerous long after the pests have been eliminated since the debris harbors germs.

Professionals Have Equipment and Protocols to Follow

Calling a professional biohazard cleanup company is necessary since they have the equipment, cleaning solutions, and knowledge to restore your home to a sanitary living condition. Professionals have industry-established protocols to follow to ensure your safety and for sanitizing your home properly. Attempting to clean up a rodent infestation yourself could result in breathing in or handling contamination that could make you sick. Plus, the cleanup must be thorough, or germs could be left behind that threaten your pets and family even when the area looks clean and tidy.

Several Steps Are Involved in Cleaning Up

A professional starts with a plan to ensure germs aren’t spread, and the work is planned for efficiency. They may quarantine parts of your home where rodents are active and nesting. The company may need to remove insulation, nesting materials, flooring, and some building materials to eliminate heavily contaminated and destroyed materials. After that, they clean and sanitize the infested area to ensure germs that spread diseases from the rodents are eliminated. They may also need to set up machines to deodorize the area and get rid of lingering musky odors. After your home is cleaned and sanitized, the company might need to do some restoration work or let you know what needs to be done, such as replacing flooring, insulation, or drywall. The electrical system may need to be checked, too, if rodents infest the attic or space between the walls. Your ducts and HVAC may also need to be checked, repaired, and sanitized if rodents infest them.

Thorough Cleaning Has Benefits

There are benefits to thorough cleaning besides eliminating germs and odors. Cleaning up rodent trails helps prevent the return of rodents who follow the scent and trails back to your home. Cleaning removes clutter, so rodent holes become visible and the company knows how to seal your home to block rodents from coming back. Cleaning removes attractants so the risk of future infestations is lower and your home is safer. A professional cleanup company can follow up with testing to make sure the infested area is sanitary and safe for your pets and family. If you’ve been battling a rodent problem, first eliminate the pests. Then, call Bio 911 for help eliminating the mess and contamination the rodents left behind.

December 1, 2023